The association

The Foyer étudiant - Residence internationale :

- Is recognized "d'utilité publique".

- The association is member to the National Union of Student Houses


In 1646 Louis XV authorizes the installation of the order of Minimes in this place bought thanks to a gift of Margueritte de Sassenage. Nearly 150 years later, during the french revolution, the occupants are thrown out. In 1793, the building becomes a manufacture of rifles. 

"the blast furnaces and trip hammers sequestered at the expense of the Grande Chartreuse at Fourvoirie and the chartreuse of Saint-Hugon (close to Allevard) will produce the cast iron and iron; the gun barrels forged at Fourvoirie and the walnut butts worked by craftsmen of bas-Dauphiné, will be assembled at Grenoble in the workshops of the old convent of Minimes where platinums and trimmings will be also machined." M. Robert CHAGNY, honorary lecturer - Inheritances of Isere. 

1802: the promulgation of the Legal settlement signed by the Black and white pope VII and Napoleon Bonaparte will be the occasion for the Roman catholic Church to regain the building although it is in bad condition. 1805: reopening of the "seminar" in the old convent, until the french separation of Church and State, one century later. The building becomes property of the University, it is used by the army during First World War. 
1919: After the trauma of World War One, many people say: never again !. The idea of the creation of the Residence started from there: if young people of all nationalities have the occasion to stay and live together, for the time of their studies, never will they accept, once returned back home, to use weapons  against each other. Thus the association was created, in two wings of the building, with the will of various associations, some of which were Protestant. The secularity of the Residence has been proclaimed from the beginning, and never denied since. Under extremely precarious conditions at the beginning, the building will shelter girls arrived from all the continents, giving access to university education. The other wing of the Convent includes the old vault, now transformed into a Concert hall: the Salle Olivier Messiaen, where concerts are given by the Chamber orchestra of Grenoble "the Musicians of the Louvre"...




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